Location: Waldershof , Bavaria

As a manufacturer Cube push the boundaries of technology and development to make light, stiff and strong bikes that are spec’d above their price points to offer great value for money. This bike brand has become loved and respected in Europe and around the world over recent years.


CUBE was founded in 1993 in Waldershof, Bavaria by Marcus Puerner. Over the years the company has become a market leader in several European countries in the middle and premium mountain bike and road bike segments. The brand is available through specialist retailers in 67 countries worldwide.

The current product portfolio consists of more than 350 different bikes and E-bikes. Ergonomically optimised bikes for women and kids as well as a clothing and accessories line complement the product range.


The new Waldershof production facility was built in 2016 and has over 35,000 m² of floor space. It is home to more than 450 employees, who work two assembly lines in two shifts to build up to 2,500 bikes and e-bikes a day.

The bikes are then packed ready for shipping and either sent directly to the retailers and distributors or stored in the brand-new CUBE Logistics Center, which opened in 2018. With 20,000 m² of modern high-rack storage space, the Logistics Center has capacity for over 100,000 assembled bikes.

A further 100 employees ensure that over 35 million individual bike components can be made available to production each year.



We are driven by the aspiration to get the maximum out of every bike. The brand epitomises ideas that have been developed in-house. At our headquarter in Waldershof, Bavaria, our dedicated team of engineers continuously seeks to improve materials, construction and processes.

CUBE’s in-house laboratory tests every model rigorously, ensuring that they meet requirements that are well above standard thresholds. They are then put through their paces in the real world by our engineers and professional bikers to weed out any remaining flaws or weaknesses. The result is an uncompromising combination of functionality, weight, stiffness and safety.


Numerous additional tests, higher loads and more load changes – all beyond the legal minimum

1.5 times the legally required loads
Double the number of impacts
Over 1.65 million bumps on a test rig
Min. 5 days of continuous load
29 test rigs

Every CUBE bike undergoes thorough testing in our in-house test lab to check it’s fully capable of handling the type of use it has been designed for. The legal standards – ISO 4210 for bicycles and EN 15194 for pedelecs – are perfectly sufficient for “normal” to straightforward use and provide a solid basis. But because many of our bikes are used by athletes for training and competing, we carry out additional testing to make sure they can cope with the higher stresses and loads.

The CUBE Test Standard (CTS) assigns each bike to a specific category with its own catalogue of test criteria. All critical parts are put through rigorous fatigue and impact testing to ensure they are safe for high-intensity use. Further tests that go up to 1.5 times the legal minimum are also part of our catalogue. We put together this special combination of tests to ensure we get the maximum performance out of every bike – for us, that means achieving the perfect balance of weight, durability, integration and design to suit the demands of each use category.

Since the launch of 2014 range, CUBE have used drive systems from our premium supplier Bosch. Now offer more than 100 different models, from comfortable e-bikes with low-entry frames right through to enduro-ready e-mountain bikes.

All of our products are created to meet the most rigorous demands. German engineers work meticulously on new technologies and materials and on developing production methods together with our partners. They also stay in constant and close contact with professional athletes and the engineers at Bosch in pursuit of their vision of integrating the systems perfectly.

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